How We Got There…

The How To Get There Summit of november 17th 2016, while only in its second edition, is already the largest gathering of the Dutch startup ecosystem where new and more mature companies meet investors, authorities and advisers. This edition in the Hague was no different. Opened by Constantijn van Oranje, it was full of bustling craziness in its center, and more structured sessions on the sides.

VanPaz featured one of the How To….. sessions, where Giovanni explained to the audience the pitfalls of SME- and startup- specific public funding instruments, and contributed to the debunking of the myth that these are ‘difficult’and ‘not for me’. And naturally, he promoted the “GetFunded!” program that VanPaz will run for the next months, in cooperation with Den Haag ImpactCity and the Dutch Enterprise Agency (RVO).

The second half of the session was for Jan Geert, who went into the distinctively unglamorous subject of debt financing, why and when this is a good choice for your company.He also explained the background of what the credit crunch has meant for debt financing for SMEs and how banks and governments are trying to alleviate the problem.

Thanks for the Municipality of The Hague for offering us this platform!

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