Platypus signs agreement with VanPaz

Platypus, a very successful spin-off from the prestigious Carnegie-Mellon School of Robotics, visited The Netherlands in a 2-day fact finding trip last week. They have been selling their swarm robotic boats for water quality monitoring around the globe for a short while now, but already have trouble keeping up with demand. Having customers in 4 different European countries, it was time to contemplate the set-up of European operations.

VanPaz has been in contact with Platypus CEO Paul Scerri for a while now, gauging the opportunities for Platypus The Netherlands, both as a market and as a viable business environment to settle down. So februari 6-7 saw a busy schedule for all of us, visiting stakeholders like the Hoogheemraadschappen and venues like the RMD Makerspace and YES!Delft. A lot of preparation went into it, especially by VanPaz associate Aiske Rijnks, a specialist environmental engineer, assisted and facilitated by InnovationQuarter.

In the end we agreed to formalize our relationship, giving VanPaz the exciting opportunity to develop this business for the European market

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