FME and VanPaz to organise data Hackathon

Since its foundation VanPaz has been a proud member of FME, the largest Dutch industry association. FME unites the Dutch high-tech industry and represents their interests towards the government. But it also provides a lot of support and information services for its members.

VanPaz has been invited to be part of an ‘organised movement’ within FME to see how they can remain relevant for its current and hopefully future members. After all a lot is happening in how the tech industry is innovating itself.

Somewhere down the line we showed them what you can do with modern data science and AI when you let it loose on unstructured data that you can find anywhere on the net or in public sources and databases. For FME, this opens a new perspective to serve their members with business intelligence, tailor-made.

We proposed that the quickest way  to get a good insight in what this could offer them would be to invite several groups of data boffins and organise a hackathon with the objective to make a proof of concept, or even prototype over a weekend.

So there! If you propose it, please organise it! We are pleased to say that this will take place on November 18-19, with the very kind collaboration of Altares (Dun& Bradstreet) who will open their dataset, and Tableau, the prominent data visualisation software maker.

We’ll keep you posted how this works out, it is an adventure for all parties involved.

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